Golf Laser Rangefinder

Golf Laser Rangefinder Golf Laser Rangefinder Golf Laser Rangefinder Golf Laser Rangefinder Golf Laser Rangefinder Golf Laser Rangefinder Golf Laser Rangefinder
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Hit the green with every shot with this all-new Premium Laser Rangefinder 2.0

Our laser rangefinders reach distances over 1300 yards and are built to be lightweight and portable making them convenient to carry around and use at every course even in the rain or fog.

  • Speed up your gameplay with fast and accurate measurements on the green. 
  • No more guessing with yardage markers or a yardage book, know the exact range in yards or meters for every shot.
  • You will now know the exact distance to any hole, flag, tree, target or landmark, whether it's moving or still. Your target can be as close as 1 meter or as far as 1500 with our top tier option.
  • You can finally shoot with confidence for an amazing price, with the Premium Laser Rangefinder. 

Improving your gameplay is our TOP priority. We built our laser rangefinder to be incredibly convenient to use, giving you the vital information you need anywhere, from the tee box to the bunkers. Without a doubt, our golf Rangefinder answers practically all your questions on the course.

Our golf rangefinder brings you the same features as a $400+ rangefinder for a fraction of the price making it affordable and accessible for all players to play like the pro’s!

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Wayne L.
Works great for my daughter

I already have a Bushnell v3 Laser Range Finder, but I needed one for my daughter. Although I like the Bushnell, I wanted to see if there was a range finder that didn't have a high price tag. PROS: 1. Returns the yardage almost instantaneously. I just point and there is the yardage instantly. I compared it with the Bushnell and they are the same. 2. The Pin yardage is like that of my Bushnell, It locks on and as long as there is nothing between the range finder and the pin, it will return the correct yardage. 3. Very simple operation. Point it and press the power button and you get the yardage. If you want the Pin press the Mode button and it will show a flag. 4. Excellent clarity. It is very, very clear and the 6x magnification is what makes this one better than my Bushnell. 5. It is very small and light. I just put it in my pocket. CONS: 1. It is black. I changed the strap out with an electric blue strap so that it is more visible. SUMMARY: I like this so much I gave my Bushnell to my daughter so I have the newer Ranger finder. She plays better than I do so I need it more than she does.

Wayne Lowrie verified customer review of Golf Laser Rangefinder
Nancy C.
I was in the market for a range finder for gol

I was in the market for a range finder for golf. After researching and comparing options in my local area i decided on this Premium Range Finder2.0. I am more than happy with the choice as this is a great bargain for the cost. The clarity is comparable to the Nikon i look at and less than half the price. I checked the range in my yard to where i zero my riffles and its spot on. Time will tell how it holds up, but first impressions are top notch. Don't be afraid to give this a shot!

Nancy Canty verified customer review of Golf Laser RangefinderNancy Canty verified customer review of Golf Laser RangefinderNancy Canty verified customer review of Golf Laser Rangefinder
John M.
What a great device

What a great device! ... As a senior duffer, investing in a multi-hundred dollar golf rangefinder does not make sense. However, thanks to CartCrate, I was able to purchase this Rangefinder/Laser Range Finder/Pinsensor well within my budget and quickly delivered. The Range Finder 2.0 is an outstanding rangefinder that exceeds all my expectations, especially in accuracy and ease of use. Two significant capabilities include: (1) enough sighting width to offset my normal jittery movements (especially at long ranges) and (2) the ability to sight on trees, sand traps, or other objects other than the flagstick. In conclusion, I HIGHLY recommend the Range Finder 2.0.

John Morrow verified customer review of Golf Laser RangefinderJohn Morrow verified customer review of Golf Laser Rangefinder
Ann C.
Love this rangefinder

Love this rangefinder! I have a Skycaddie for about 7 years primarily because I could never hold a laser rangefinder steady enough to get an accurate measurement. While I still love the accuracy of the Skycaddie from anywhere on the golf course, from areas out-of-line-of-sight from the hole and for measuring distances to hazards, etc., I have a new found love for rangefinders because of this little jewel. It worked perfectly out of the box. The first course I took it to had GPS in the cart so I could compare. There was never more than 2 yards difference between the distances. It's compact and appears well built. Ive had it less than a month, so I cannot speak to longevity yet, but in every other way, I am completely satisfied!

Ann Connor verified customer review of Golf Laser Rangefinder
Rog S.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Brilliant and a bargain

For under £80 delivered this is a bargain. Works great and measures to within 0.1 of a yard. Just won my first trophy in 45 years. I highly recommend this laser sight.

Darryll J.
United States United States


Patrick W.
Try it; you'll love it.

Try it; you'll love it.

Travis M.
this is a perfectly functional

this is a perfectly functional and good rangefinder for golf. Great for the money.

Senna M.
So far

So far I've been able to read the distances I need.

Giovana M.
Product delivered

Product delivered as expected and early.